We truly honor, esteem and believe in placing an extremely high value on the both the people and the resources that God uses to advance His Kingdom.  We're grateful for your willingness to financially strengthen An Uprising-A Call To Battle

We're in the small beginnings of a much greater work and enormously thankful for the finances that serves to extend the reach and strengthen an uprising around the world.

100% of the finances required to facilitate and sustain An Uprising-A Call To Battleare provided by individuals and small groups around the world, everyday people, contending to bring about a higher kind of good.

All resources received are used for non-exempt purposes as defined by law and as determined by the board of directors.

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An Uprising-A Call To Battle™ Inc. was established as a 501c3 in November 2010.


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Note: An Uprising-A Call To Battle™ became a legal corporation in the State of Texas in July of 2008 and is classified as a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation. All contributions to An Uprising-A Call To Battle™ are processed and managed on behalf of An Uprising-A Call To Battle™ by It's Feasible L.L.C. All contributions over $200.00 will receive an end of year contribution statement.